Pura Vida Promise

At Pura Vida Vitamins, it is our goal to provide you with 100% natural herbal solutions that supplement your health for a better quality of life. Our Purity Guarantee is our promise to you that we use nothing but completely organic and natural ingredients that we have thoroughly researched in the creation of all our vitamins, supplements and full spectrum CBD products.

You can buy from us with complete confidence knowing that every product we create has been formulated with research-proven, science-backed, and completely patented ingredients. These are all certified to be completely pure as is our name, Pura Vida. We offer time-released supplements to deliver the maximum nutrient absorption and we don’t use any synthetics in the creation of any of our wellness products. We believe artificial ingredients and synthetics defeat the purpose of living a life of wellness and healthfulness. What you get are products designed for your better health and quality of life, pure and simple. That’s our guarantee.