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Order Information

Want to know what’s up with your order? At Pura Vida Vitamins, we want to make sure you have everything you need for a life of pure wellness. This section is devoted to helping you find out more about your order.


If an item you order is out of stock, we’ll go ahead and ship the other items in your order first and then send you the backordered item once it’s back in stock again. If you have questions about your backordered item, please click here to contact us.

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Ordered something by mistake or simply need to cancel an order? Let us help you with that. Just click here!

Gift Certificates

Pura Vida Vitamin products make excellent gifts for friends and family. Give them the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime of better health and wellness. Stop driving yourself crazy on birthdays and holidays trying to find the perfect gift. Click here to get a Pura Vida Vitamin gift certificate!

Order & Shipping Confirmation

Did my order go through? When is it coming? We know you can’t wait for your Pura Vida wellness products. Click here to find out all about it. You can also track your packages right here!

Order History

Haven’t set up Easy Refill yet? No worries. We remember what you ordered last time. If you liked it and want to order it again or want to try something different, take a look at your order history here and you’ll be in the know!

Promotional Offers

Want to save even more on Pura Vida’s Vitamins wellness products? Then you need to click here to discover our promotional offers today!

Request a Catalog

Some people like a hard copy of a catalog. We can’t say we blame you. It will look good on your coffee table. Click here and fill out our form to have one sent to your door.


Not satisfied with one of our products? Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you can get a 100% refund within 30 days of receiving the particular product you want to return. Click here for returns.